Day One of #GPF2020

The Global Philanthropy Forum’s annual conference is virtual this year, providing space for all change-makers, philanthropists, social investors and innovators around the world to attend, no invitation required. The focus is on one of the greatest challenges of our time—climate change; understanding its complexity, identifying solutions, and seeking the path forward. The topic is especially…

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Environment, Investing & Microfinance
8.20.20 GPF Event 610x350

Webinar: The Role of Corporations in Curbing Climate Change

On August 20th, GPF hosted a webinar on the role of corporations in curbing climate change. This was moderated by founder of the Altruist League, Milos Maricic, with guests John Goldstein, head of sustainable finance at Goldman Sachs, and Annie Agle, director of brand and impact at Cotopaxi. Corporations produce just about everything we buy, use…

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Environment, Health & Nutrition

Webinar: COVID-19 and Climate Change, Imagining a New Normal

As the COVID-19 pandemic has brought the world to a standstill, the dramatic drop in CO2 emissions has been a silver lining in an otherwise bleak and unsettling time. However, as lockdowns begin to lift and life returns to normal, rampant pollution will return as well. Even with the massive drop in CO2 emissions this…

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Private Webinar: Funding at the Intersection of Climate and Racial Justice

The Global Philanthropy Forum and Climate Leadership Initiative are co-hosting a private, interactive discussion open to philanthropists interested in climate grant-making. On Wednesday, August 26th at 9:00 AM, Join Melanie Allen, Co-Director of Hive Fund for Climate and Gender Justice; Roger Kim, Executive Director of the Climate and Clean Energy Equity Fund; and Solomé Lemma,…

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