Last year, the GPF focused on trust, and argued that without it we cannot manage the dangers we face nor steward the resources we share. Without it we cannot address large problems together. Yet trust today is at an all-time low, with majorities reporting that they do not trust the institutions of national and international governance, and – even more concerning -- they do not trust one another. Moreover, the 2018 Edelman Trust Barometer confirms that the trust deficit is a global problem, touching democratic and autocratic polities alike.

But this need not be a permanent feature of public life. The solution is within our reach. Social capital and citizen agency are antidotes to distrust and dysfunction. Each is a product of the work of nonprofits, social enterprises, and those that support them. Add to that, individuals who lead.

  • Individual agency comes from the realization that each of us can and does make a difference, from our choice to be actors, not bystanders.
  • Social capital is the product of cooperative relationships. They are reciprocal and overlapping. They allow us to tackle problems and effect change together.

We will be joined by innovators who are emblematic, ingenious, and brave. You’ll be standing with change-makers who:

  • STEP UP when they are most needed. For them, the right time is now. They insist that we can manage the challenges before us, if we do so together. They craft community solutions, forge global coalitions, and build social capital in the process. In their world and ours, there are no bystanders.
  • TAKE ON the hard cases where the pressures of conflict, climate change, hunger, disease and poor governance combine to create untold suffering. They connect the dots among these dangers, treating them as symptoms of a syndrome to be unpacked and addressed. In the process they face up to uncomfortable facts and own up to shared responsibilities for stewardship of the commons. Working across sectors, armed by evidence and empathy, they pursue options that are practical, principled and fair.
  • CALL OUT crimes against humanity and speak up for the victims of these and other indignities. Stand up to demagogues, despots and local bullies, and offer a credible alternative vision.
  • REACH OUT to disaffected or disconnected youth with opportunities for leadership and learning so that they become the ethical problem-solvers they can be in a world that knows it needs them.
  • AND SOLVE some of the most daunting problems by preserving and strengthening those systems— natural and man-made—on which society and life depend. Among these systems is philanthropy itself, to which GPF members are deeply committed, assuring its ongoing renewal.

Throughout we will focus on two actors—one human one built by humans, for each is driving change.

  • The first is youth – the challenges they face and the solutions they offer. On the one hand, many are suffering. Whether they are victims of persecution, war or have simply experienced daily indignities, a young, mobile population can feel unanchored, separated from family and shared cultural experiences. On the other hand, young people demonstrate the imagination to invent, the tenacity to solve. They believe in the future and have the determination to make it a brighter one.
  • The second is technology –artificial intelligence and machine learning, remote sensing, blockchain, and gene editing.  Each can extend our capacity for good. Each can be used to do harm. As technologists give us remarkable new tools, it is up to us to put them to ethical purpose and inform the norms for their use. Again—we cannot be bystanders.


About the Global Philanthropy Forum

Since its founding in 2001, the Global Philanthropy Forum (GPF) has grown into a diverse community of purpose-driven philanthropists, grantmakers and social investors from all over the globe. Each spring, we have an opportunity to come together – alternating between Silicon Valley and Washington, DC – to celebrate our collective successes, learn from our failures and discuss solutions to our most pressing challenges.

At GPF, the person sitting next to you is as informed, engaged and committed as the person on stage. GPF members come prepared both to teach and learn. There will be plenty of time to assess strategies, share lessons learned explore creative partnerships that will advance your social goals.

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Conference attendees are established and emerging philanthropists and investors who seek to advance individual opportunity globally and to improve the quality of life through strategic giving and investing. The conference has been designed to create a safe environment where attendees may learn from one another and share best practices.

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