People are on the move as never before.

In India, China, Nigeria and other fast-growing economies, millions are experiencing economic and social mobility for the first time and are changing their habits, hopes and ways of living. Inventive and productive, they are not staying put.

Others are forced to flee scarcity, persecution, natural disaster, violent conflict or state failure, resulting in nearly 60 million refugees and internally displaced persons world-wide, an historic high. Long after the immediate crisis, they will need opportunity not only to survive but to thrive and to contribute to community. Like the rapid diffusion of technology, information and ideas, the accelerated movement of people is neither a fleeting nor a passing phase. Rather, it is a trend — one which may have predictably dangerous spikes along the way as well as opportunities for improved lives and livelihoods.

This year, we will focus on people on the move and explore strategies to:

  • Engage them as citizens
  • Motivate them as workers
  • Embolden them as entrepreneurs
  • Inspire them as leaders

Join us for opportunities to build new partnerships and refresh existing collaborations.