Amy Coen

President and CEO,
Population Action International

Over the past two decades, Amy Coen has earned a reputation as an international leader in the area of reproductive health and population issues. Under her presidency, Population Action International has strengthened its position as one of the world’s leading independent research and advocacy organizations working to make clear linkages between population, reproductive health, the environment, and development. For nearly forty years, PAI has fostered support for family planning and population programs worldwide helping to raise hundreds of millions of dollars of assistance from donor country governments for the developing world. PAI played a key role in the creation of the United Nations Population Fund, and is an acknowledged leader in nurturing local advocacy efforts in developing countries where none had existed before. Throughout her career, Ms. Coen has served as a CEO, and on numerous non-profit boards and official U.S. delegations. She is a frequently requested speaker, and media guest and commentator.