Andrew Zolli


Andrew Zolli is a futures researcher who analyzes how critical trends at the intersection of culture, technology, and global society will shape the next century. His firm, Z + Partners, helps a select number of global companies and institutions see, understand, and respond to complex change. He is also the Curator of the annual PopTech conference, an elite annual gathering of thought leaders, which explores the social impact of technology and the shape of things to come.
Formerly, Mr. Zolli served as Chief Marketing Officer of one of the world’s leading strategic branding consultancies, Siegel & Gale, where he helped develop new designs, businesses, products, and services for companies such as The Weather Channel, Netscape, Kodak, American Express, Forrester Research, and IBM, among many others. Mr. Zolli helped found the company’s new media practice and helped envision and develop next-generation approaches to product development, user experience, and communications. He also created and led the company’s research and development lab, which explored digital user experience and interface design. Under his direction, the lab developed significant virtual reality and graphics applications for the Web. In the early 1990s, Mr. Zolli participated as an academic researcher in core technology and standards research and development that shaped the World Wide Web.