Arif Neky

Advisor, Strategic Partnerships and Philanthropy,
UNDP Kenya

Arif Neky is the Coordinator of the new UNDP Global Post-2015 Partnership Platform for Philanthropy project at the Kenya Country Office level. Arif’s extensive experience is across social development and private enterprise across three continents. His leadership in social development, enterprise and financial services includes forging partnerships across philanthropic and non-profit organizations with governments, bilateral/multilateral donors and private sector.

As the former Regional CEO of the Aga Khan Foundation (AKF) East Africa for over 13 years, Arif was directly responsible for a wide portfolio of programs in education, health, rural development and civil society enhancement with a team of over 250 staff to successfully impact development outcomes with many of the poorest communities in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania.

With AKF, Arif also nurtured non-profit networks and philanthropic institutions. He helped in the establishment of the Kenya Community Development Foundation (KCDF), was the Founding Co-Chairman of the East African Association of Grantmakers (EAAG), and recently – as its Founding Vice Chairman – helped in creating Viwango, a new flagship Kenyan organization to promote voluntary certification of CSOs in Kenya. He has engaged actively in Education and Health Sector planning and was the first Chairman of the CIDA Kenya Partners Forum.

Arif was previously the Regional Representative Eastern Africa for the French & International Bank – Société Générale where his achievements included consortium financing of selected development and infrastructure projects up to 250m French Francs per annum.