Ashish Karamchandani

Managing Director,

Ashish Karamchandani is the managing director at FSG, a mission-driven consulting firm that focuses on using market-based solutions to drive sustainable social change. His emphasis has been on multi-year programs such as low income housing. Through his work, Karamchandani helped to develop a housing market that has sold more than 100,000 homes and has more than 10 housing companies now offering 15-year mortgages to informal sector customers with no income documentation. He is currently co-leading a program to improve private preschool education for low income households in urban India.

Karamchandani was the founder of Monitor Inclusive Markets (MIM), a social action unit within the Monitor Group. He pioneered MIM’s market-based approach to addressing the world’s development challenges and worked across multiple sectors. Prior to founding MIM, he started Monitor Group’s consulting business in India. Karamchandani also co-founded Ummeed, a nonprofit organization in India that works with children with developmental disabilities.

Karamchandani holds a Bachelor of Tech from Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay, a Master of Science from University of California, Berkley and a PhD from Stanford University.