David Aylward

Executive Director,
mHealth Alliance

David Aylward is the first executive director of the mHealth Alliance (mHA). mHA was founded by the United Nations Foundation, Rockefeller Foundation and Vodafone Foundation. mHA addresses global health needs with the mission of extending quality health care using modern information and communications technology to the full extent of wireless networks in developing countries. Mr. Aylward is an expert on the intersection of public policy and private initiatives in the development of U.S. domestic and international communications and information technology, emergency and healthcare communications and information systems, and related fields. He began his career in these areas as legislative director to Rep. Timothy Wirth (D-Colo), a key member of the House of Representatives. After serving as chief counsel and staff director of the House Telecommunications and Finance Subcommittee for Wirth, he established National Strategies, a successful business and public policy consulting firm for 24 years. He was a founder in 1998 and then chief strategist and director of the 100 organization COMCARE Emergency Response Alliance. Mr. Aylward’s particular focus was on bringing the business process and technical strengths of modern commercial communications and information technologies into the emergency response and medical response realms. In addition, he has represented a wide range of communications, healthcare, finance, public service media, children’s television and other clients, including starting and managing the first satellite competitor to Intelsat over the Pacific Ocean and a land mobile radio company.