David E. Behring

Wheelchair Foundation

As the recently appointed president of the Wheelchair Foundation, a non-profit organization founded by his father, David Behring plans to further expand its mission of providing wheelchairs to people throughout the world who cannot afford one. To date the Wheelchair Foundation has delivered over 140,000 wheelchairs in approximately 100 countries. A 1977 graduate of Princeton University and a 1980 alumnus of the University of Miami Law School, Mr. Behring began a homebuilding company in Northern California and constructed about 300 semi-custom homes over an 11-year period. He then joined Blackhawk Corporation, his father’s real estate development company, and served as its Executive Vice President. From 1993 until the sale of the team in 1997 he was president of the NFL Seattle Seahawks. During the last three years he has been president and CEO of the Blackhawk Museum, considered to be one of the greatest classic car museums in the world. Over the years Mr. Behring has been very active in both his professional organizations and community service projects. He served as president of his local homebuilding organization in 1993 and is a Board member of the Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History. He chaired his Princeton class’s 25th Reunion Community Service Project and has worked on numerous fundraisers for Children’s Hospital Oakland, Mt. Diablo Hospital, the National Kidney Foundation, Make-A-Wish Foundation, the Seattle Seahawk Charitable Foundation and the MDA of Western Washington. He resides in Danville with his wife and two children.