David Green

CEO and Founder,
Project Impact

Project Impact is a nonprofit organization dedicated to making medical technology and health care services sustainable, affordable, and accessible to all, particularly to the poorer two thirds of humanity living mostly in developing countries. Mr. Green is an Ashoka fellow and is also recognized by the Schwab Foundation as a leading social entrepreneur. In 1992, David directed the establishment of Aurolab (India), the first nonprofit manufacturing facility in a developing country to produce affordable intraocular lenses (IOLs), sutures, pharmaceuticals, and eyeglasses. Aurolab is one of the largest manufacturers of IOLs in the world, with sales of 700,000 plus units per year to 86 countries. David also directed the establishment of suture manufacturing at Aurolab. His present initiative is to design, produce, and distribute a digitally programmable hearing aid. Production commenced in February 2003 at Aurolab. The hearing aids are being distributed in developing nations at a selling price commensurate with each client’s ability to pay, the lowest price being free of charge. The goal is to develop financially self-sustaining models for delivery of hearing aids to all economic strata. In addition to establishing medical manufacturing, David has developed high-volume, quality eye care programs that are affordable to the poor and self-sustaining from user fees. He helped develop the Aravind Eye Hospital in Madurai, India, which performs 220,000 surgeries per year, making it the largest eye care system in the world. Seventy percent of the care is provided free of charge or below cost, yet the hospital is able to attain a 50% profit margin. David has replicated this cost recovery model in Nepal, Malawi, Egypt, Guatemala, El Salvador, Tibet, Tanzania, and Kenya and has assisted the Lions Aravind Institute for Community Ophthalmology in building their capacity to provide this assistance to well over 100 programs in India and abroad.