Gopi Gopalakrishnan


Gopalakrishnan has wide experience in designing and administering programs that use private sector resources to deliver services to the poor. Working for renowned social marketing and social franchising organizations since the late 1980s, his fields of interest include family planning, health and disease prevention. He has headed country programs of DKT International, the US-based charity and the second largest social marketing organization in the world, in India and Vietnam and was also its Director of International Programs based in Washington DC. Currently, he is on its executive board. Gopalakrishnan founded Janani in 1995 in Bihar, the poorest Indian state that is home to 5% of the world’s poor. The program used formal and informal networks of private providers to deliver reproductive health services in an area inhabited by 110 million people. He headed Janani for nine years before moving to Vietnam in early 2006. Gopalakrishnan specializes in design of programs with measurable outputs and in communication and information campaigns, distribution plans and management systems. In the last five years, his involvement in social franchising has helped DKT International add innovative components in its programs in Ethiopia and India. Vietnam is currently integrating a franchising component. Gopalakrishnan has been on the summer faculty of University of California, Berkeley, where he has taught students and program managers on leadership issues and management systems. He has regularly given talks at US AID, the Packard Foundation, University of California, San Francisco, WHO and at many private foundations of North America and Asia. He has been a member of the Population Commission of India which advises the Prime Minister. He has provided consultancy services to the British ODA (now DFID), the Government of India, Indian Institute of Health Management and Research, UNFPA, US AID and the APAC and BASICS projects of USAID.