Ira Magaziner

William J. Clinton Foundation

Ira C. Magaziner currently serves as chairman of the William J. Clinton Foundation policy board and as chairman of the Clinton Foundation HIV/AIDS Initiative and the Clinton Climate Initiative. He is also a board member of the Clinton-Hunter Development Initiative and of the Alliance for a Healthier Generation, a joint venture between the William J. Clinton Foundation and the American Heart Association. Mr. Magaziner is also the President of SJS Inc., a corporate strategy consulting firm. From January 1993 through December 1998, Mr. Magaziner served as Senior Advisor to President Clinton for Policy Development at the White House. In this capacity, he supervised the development and implementation of the administration’s policy for commercialization of the Internet. Mr. Magaziner also worked with First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton on the development of the President’s Health Reform Initiative. He also chaired a joint National Economic Council/National Security Council Initiative to increase US exports and served as a member of the National Domestic Policy Council. Prior to his White House appointment, Mr. Magaziner earned respect as one of the most successful corporate strategists, building two successful corporate strategy consulting firms. His clients included the chairmen and CEO’s of leading corporations in the United States, Europe, Japan and Australia. He also assisted governments in Sweden, Ireland, Canada and elsewhere in the development of their long-term economic development strategies. Prior to forming his own companies, he worked in Boston, London and Tokyo for the Boston Consulting Group. Mr. Magaziner also served as co-chairman of the National Commission on Skills of the American Workforce, co-authoring the landmark report “America’s Choice – High Skills or Low Wages.” He has co-authored two books, one with former Labor Secretary Robert Reich called “Minding America’s Business” and the other with journalist Mark Patinkin called “The Silent War, Inside the Global Business Battles Shaping America’s Future.” Mr. Magaziner graduated in 1969 as valedictorian from Brown University and attended Balliol College, Oxford as a Rhodes Scholar. He has received numerous honorary doctorate degrees, and has served on the boards of numerous charitable and educational organizations nationally and in his home state of Rhode Island. He lives with his wife and three children in Bristol, Rhode Island.