Kenia Lisseth Flores Cortez


Kenia was born on September 4, 2001 in Mercedes Umaña, El Salvador. At age 14, to escape violent situations, she and her family decided to migrate to the United States through Mexico. They were intercepted by immigration agents and later returned to El Salvador.

In May 2016, Kenia joined the Comprehensive Care Plan for girls, children, returned adolescents and their families (CANAF). She is part of the Salvadoran Institute for Child and Adolescent Development (ISNA) Family Center, which contributes to the guarantee of families’ rights, working in the areas of protection, humanitarian aid and legal accompaniment, entrepreneurship and family strengthening.

Kenia actively participates in the Feminist Collective and leads training aimed at empowering adolescents and women in human rights. She is also a radio host for a program aimed at adolescents and children, designed to strengthen leadership and empowerment of rights, and address the dangers of migration.

Kenia is a member of Izcanal communications school and the ARPAS organization of El Salvador. In 2017, she won an essay contest on the theme “Impact of Migration on the Life Project”, achieving a prize from the National Institute where she studies.