Laurence Lien

Lien Foundation

Laurence Lien is a champion of the nonprofit sector in Singapore. He is the chairman of the Lien Foundation and CEO of the National Volunteer & Philanthropy Centre (NVPC) and the Community Foundation of Singapore. He is the president of the Centre for Non-Profit Leadership and the deputy chairman of the Caritas Singapore Community Council. Lien is currently also a nominated Member of Parliament and advocates for the social sector and civil society.

Under his leadership, NVPC has become an important enabler and capacity builder in the nonprofit sector in Singapore. The Lien Foundation itself has become a leading foundation that is forward-thinking and innovative in its approach. The foundation has taken a radical approach towards tackling challenging social concerns, such as end-of-life issues and water and sanitation problems in Asia.

Prior to his work in the nonprofit sector, Lien served in the Singapore Administrative Service, which forms the top echelon of public service leaders in Singapore. Lien holds degrees from Oxford University, the National University of Singapore, and Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government. In 2010, Lien was awarded the Eisenhower Fellowship.