Manish Ranjan

Co-founder and CEO,

Manish Ranjan is the co-founder and CEO of NanoHealth, an organization that is dedicated to providing an effective and scalable solution for managing chronic conditions. NanoHealth has developed an end-to-end care management solution that allows for proactive and seamless care coordination across users and providers to ensure better care and measurable health outcomes. NanoHealth won the prestigious Hult Prize in 2014.

Ranjan founded NanoHealth while he was pursuing his MBA from Indian School of Business (ISB), where he was awarded the Torch Bearer title for outstanding leadership. Prior to his MBA, he worked as a consultant with a leading supply chain firm, i2 Technologies (presently JDA), where he designed business processes aimed at driving efficiency and profitability for large multinational firms. He is also an engineering graduate from IIT Bombay, India.