Marc Van Ameringen

Executive Director,
Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition

Marc Van Ameringen has recently joined GAIN as Executive Director. He has spent more than twenty years working in the field of international development. With a background in international political economy, Mr. Van Ameringen spent most of his career in Africa managing and implementing innovative programs ranging from public-sector reform to small-enterprise development. He is particularly known for his experience in helping countries manage difficult processes of post-conflict reconstruction. Prior to joining GAIN as Executive Director, Mr. Van Ameringen was Vice President of the Canadian-based Micronutrient Initiative which focuses primarily on delivering vitamin A supplementation programs around the world. Before this assignment, he was Special Advisor to the G8 Summit, assisting the G8 in responding to the NEPAD initiative. From 1992 to 2002, Mr. Van Ameringen was a director based in Africa for the International Development Research Centre (IDRC), responsible for a number of large donor programs across Africa. He played an important role in assisting South Africa and other countries in Southern Africa in their reconstruction and development. Prior to moving to Africa, he held various senior positions in Canada for IDRC and other organizations. Mr. Van Ameringen has served as a Board Member and Trustee of many different development organizations and has published a number of books on development in Africa.