Mary Houghton

Shorebank Corporation

Mary Houghton is President of ShoreBank Corporation of Chicago, a regulated commercial bank holding company established in 1973 to finance small businesses and residents in disinvested urban and rural communities. One of 4 founders of ShoreBank and originally a commercial lender, Mary has recently focused on the company’s expansion into environmental and international development finance.

Mary is currently the chair of ShoreCap International, an equity investment company that invests capital in local, regulated financial institutions that provide loans to micro and small businesses in developing and transitional economies.

Since 1997, Mary has been a member of the Development Finance Forum, an international network of independent practitioners whose goal is to help build the field of development finance.

Mary previously served as short-term advisor in Bangladesh to the Grameen Bank, BRAC in Bangladesh, and the Aga Khan Rural Support Program in Gilgit, Pakistan.
In 2004, Mary was named Community Banker of the Year by the American Banker in recognition of ShoreBank’s work in underserved communities, both nationally and internationally, and its successful efforts in socially responsible banking.