Muhammad Mustafa

Co-founder and CEO,
Mauqa Online

Muhammad Mustafa is the co-founder and CEO of Mauqa Online, a digital platform that connects illiterate domestic helpers with nearby work opportunities. More than 70% of the people they serve are women.

Mauqa Online is a unique platform that uses simple telecom tools and visual web interfaces to communicate nearby work opportunities with people who cannot read or write. In only the last four months since launching, the platform has helped women become equal economic partners in their households, has helped working mothers send their children to school and even helped wives send their husbands to drug rehab.

The organization was founded by a husband and wife duo. Mustafa graduated from Stanford University, while his wife, Suniya, is a rocket scientist.

Mauqa Online is funded by Stanford University’s Center for Social Innovation and Mustafa is currently an Acumen Fellow.