Nadine Goodman

Founder and Advisor,
Centro para los adolescents de San Miguel de Allende (CASA)

Nadine Goodman, MPH, MSW, has led community development and human rights initiatives for thirty years. She specializes in sexual and reproductive health rights for Latino young people. Recently she has dedicated herself to the critical areas of maternal and newborn health and nutrition. In 1981 Ms. Goodman founded a Mexican NGO, Centro para los Adolescents de San Miguel de Allende (CASA), to provide culturally appropriate health and education services. By “teaching others to teach,” CASA trains young people to work with their communities and implement pioneering approaches to break down barriers to access. CASA’s staff of eighty serves over 70,000 people a year. In 1996 Ms. Goodman launched Mexico’s first government-accredited midwifery school. Today graduates are being recruited by Mexico’s public health ministry. In 2006 and 2007 the externally evaluated, internationally recognized program was shared as a replicable model for midwifery training in other parts of the world at working meetings sponsored by UNFPA, WHO, ICM and the Clinton Global Initiative. CASA is expanding to other parts of Mexico and Guatemala where new schools will be set up. In her work with CASA and as a consultant, Ms. Goodman strongly promotes public-private partnerships, but never as a substitute for universal, quality public services. She and global partners are convinced that to move to scale the midwifery model of care so that developing countries can reach the UN Millennium Development Goals four and five, a global scholarship fund is needed to ensure access of indigenous and rural women to culturally sensitive midwifery education.