Nick Hughes

Managing Director,
Signal Point Partners

Nick Hughes is one of the founders Signal Point Partners, a company established in 2009 to focus on mobile commerce opportunities in emerging markets. To date Signal Point’s portfolio includes a mobile healthcare business and two early stage financial service ventures, all of which use the mobile platform to bring innovative, customer-focused services to market.

Dr. Hughes was previously Head of Mobile Payment Solutions at Vodafone, where he founded the mobile payment service M-PESA, taking it from concept to deployment in several markets. In Kenya, M-PESA has attracted over 13 million subscribers since its launch in 2007, evolving from a simple person-to-person money transfer service into an m-commerce platform.

Dr. Hughes had been successful in raising a mixture of external and internal funding to support the early development of M-PESA and other mobile opportunities. He set up a new social innovation unit within Vodafone to identify and test early product concepts. His background includes work in the energy sector and in management consultancy.

In 2010 Mr. Hughes was a winner of The Economist’s Innovation Award for Social & Economic Impact.

Dr. Hughes holds a PhD in Applied Science and an MBA with distinction from London Business School.