Patricie Uwase

Transport Technical Advisor, Ministry of Infrastructure,
Republic of Rwanda

Patricie Uwase, 25, is originally from Rwanda, where she earned her BS in Civil Engineering. In May 2015, she graduated from UC Berkeley with a MS in Civil Engineering, and she gave the commencement speech on behalf of the graduating class of Engineering masters and doctoral candidates. Her training at the University of California focused on Transportation Engineering and Planning, and while at Berkeley she also completed a one-year internship with the San Francisco County Transportation Authority. Uwase is passionate about building and planning sustainable transportation systems and she currently serves as the transport technical advisor to Rwanda’s Minister of Infrastructure.

This summer, Uwase took two months off from her new job to organize a women’s mentoring camp, thanks to a $10,000 grant she won from the Davis Foundation’s Projects for Peace Award Program. Not only was the weeklong camp an opportunity to mentor the 100 young women that participated in the camp equipping them with life skills, it was also an occasion to inspire them to pursue careers in STEM. This camp will happen every year, and it has been named the 100 Women Who Will Impact Rwanda.

She received a full scholarship to UC Berkeley from The MasterCard Foundation, and is a valued member of the Open A Door Foundation, an organization committed to building female leadership in post-conflict countries.