Richard Beahrs

Task Force Member,
The Millennium Project

Richard Beahrs retired in 2004 after a 35 year career as a media executive with TimeWarner. Most recently he served as President of Court TV. Prior positions include the Presidency of The Comedy Channel (now known as Comedy Central) and a Senior Vice Presidency of HBO, where he served as the head of New Business Development and managed the launch of Cinemax. His current focus is on global environmental issues. He serves on the United Nations Hunger Task Force, which is charged with developing a plan for halving the instances of extreme malnutrition throughout the world over the next decade. Long interested in environmental and natural resource science, Beahrs and his wife, Carolyn, established the Beahrs Environmental Leadership Program in August 2000 with a gift to UC Berkeley. At its core is an intensive, inter-disciplinary summer certificate course in “Sustainable Environmental Management” for scholars and emerging leaders from around the world. In 2001, he was the recipient of the inaugural College of Natural Resources Citation at the University of California Berkeley. In 2003 he received the cable television industry’s highest award for public affairs for his development of the Choices and Consequences initiative. The program uses live television events, local town meetings, the Internet, and classroom materials to enhance the decision-making skills of teens and young adults.