Roy Head

Development Media International.

Roy Head is the CEO of Development Media International (DMI), which uses mass media to reduce child mortality in the developing world.

In 1997 Head founded the Health Division of the BBC World Service Trust, bringing together the BBC and the World Health Organisation. For eight years he oversaw many of the world’s largest health promotion campaigns, including a campaign in India which led to 200,000 people being treated for leprosy

In 2005 he received the Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust Visionaries Award and left the BBC to set up DMI, aiming to bring greater scientific rigour to health campaigning. He developed a mathematical model with some of the world’s leading epidemiologists which indicates that 15% of all child deaths could be prevented using mass media alone, more cheaply than any other intervention. DMI is currently testing this model in West Africa in the most rigorous trial ever conducted of a mass media campaign.

Head started his career as a documentary film director for the BBC, before joining UN Peacekeeping where he set up the UN’s first radio station (in Cambodia) and its largest TV operation (during the Bosnian war). He has a double-first from Cambridge University and master’s from University of Pennsylvania.