Tabitha Karanja

Keroche Breweries

Tabitha Karanja is CEO of Keroche Breweries, Kenya’s leading homegrown brewery, and the second largest in the country. Her heart is in beer making and she is the only woman in Africa to have founded a beer company. The soft-spoken mother of four is a shrewd businesswoman at the helm of a grand, multi-billion, world-class brewery. Keroche Breweries has firmly cemented its position as the first and only brewery in Africa to use cutting-edge, ultra-modern 21st Century brewing technology to produce high quality, premium beer that is natural, sugar-free and has no hangover effects.

Karanja’s resilience, tenacity and sharp business sense has won her numerous accolades, top among them being the Golden Jubilee Award presented by His Excellency the President of Kenya Hon. Uhuru Kenyatta during Kenya’s 50 years of independence celebrations. Other notable accolades include the Forbes Africa Business Woman of the Year 2014, the Forbes East Africa Business Woman of the Year 2014 and the honorary State Commendation of Moran of the Order of the Burning Spear that was awarded by the President of Kenya in 2009 for helping to liberalize the liquor market in Kenya.

Today, Karanja’s legacy is firm, having made history not only in Kenya but also across Africa. With the launch of the Keroche Foundation in 2014, she is giving back to society by giving a helping hand to upcoming and established entrepreneurs. Through the aptly named ‘Hand-Up Initiative’, she shares her powerful experiences and lessons to a select group of young entrepreneurs through an intensive five-month mentorship and training program.