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Day Three of #GPF17

While media has been under attack recently, it holds great potential for driving change by tackling human and civil rights abuses. At the same time, technology has made it possible for everyday citizens experiencing and witnessing abuses to share their stories, building grassroots social movements. How do we foster accountability and trust in our sources…

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Day Two of #GPF17

The era of western global dominance is fading, and a new global order is being defined. At the same time that many countries are turning inward, global conflicts are on the rise, hitting the world’s most vulnerable populations the hardest. Day two of the 2017 Global Philanthropy Forum was devoted to engaging different actors to…

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GPF conference Fairmont Hotel in Washington DC April 18, 2017.

Day One of #GPF17

Across the world, trust — in institutions, media, and most importantly, each other — is at an all-time low. The question is, what can we do about it? On day one of the 2017 Global Philanthropy Forum, speakers started to answer that question. “Trust is our greatest asset. This trust deficit [in society] is not…

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